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Our fields of support

The Foundation supports six areas of investment funding.
These are, Arts & Culture, Communities, Education, Environment, Health and
International Development.

Arts & Culture

We recognize an important part of the human experience is through our shared heritage of music, arts and broader cultural appreciation. With like-minded partners, the Foundation invests through museums and other institutions to support and encourage cultural pluralism in Canada and elsewhere.


Supporting community and volunteer-based organizations helps engagement on issues of broader community interest.
These organizations create changemakers and leaders of future civil society institutions, both vital components for a better society.


Advancing the academic experience of young people is a priority for the Foundation. We partner with institutions in Canada and elsewhere who prioritize empowering students and teachers both socially and academically. We invest in institutions that promote excellence, and provide opportunities for next-generation thinking for all students regardless, of their means.


Environmental sustainability is the cornerstone of our business.
As such, the Foundation is an active participant in fostering new ideas and initiatives to increase plastics recycling. We believe it is possible to collect and recycle flexible plastics packaging to create a circular economy. With industry partners, we are advancing the issue of end of life of plastics and are creating best practices for responsible sorting, processing and use of recycled materials.


In our new era of heightened hygiene awareness, pandemic prevention and management, vital research and education is paramount. Where the right opportunity exists, the Foundation will collaborate with institutions promoting primary healthcare, preventative care and other areas of medical care advancement.

International Development

The Foundation is committed to international development.
We believe it is our duty and responsibility to assist populations in need to lift themselves out of economic and social hardship. Our responsible investments aim to improve the quality of life of women, men and children in the developing world.
Every human being should have the ability to live up to and contribute to their fullest potential.



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