Impact, Progress and Partnership


The seeds of La Fondation Polykar have long been sown. Since the founding of Polykar back in 1987, the desire to contribute to civil society has been an ethical part of our company fabric.

From the very beginning, Elyse Damdjee and Aziz Karim who founded Polykar, believed in the importance of giving back to the community and wider society.

Whether through financial resources, professional expertise or dedicated volunteer time, giving has become an integral part of the business today and embodies the company’s community engagement.

As Polykar has grown, the annual tradition of donating a percentage of gross sales has also continued.

For more than thirty years, we have been able to donate to and fund numerous community projects benefitting education and health, helping to improve the quality of life of communities in need.

From event sponsorships to direct investments in long-term programming, both in Canada and elsewhere, our commitment to human betterment and change for the future has continued.

In July 2018, La Fondation Polykar was created to perpetuate this valuable tradition. 

By carefully selecting what we believe will be transformational investments in 6 life sectors – Arts & Culture, Communities, Environment, Education, Health and International Development – La Fondation Polykar investments will back projects that align with our principles of long-lasting impact, progress and partnership.

All revenues generated from the Foundation’s investments are reinvested in new ventures.


Since our establishment, the Foundation has pledged to invest in communities through impactful, long-term ventures in Canada and the developing world. We aim to target one of each of our priority sectors every year.

Board of Directors

Amir Karim

President of the Board of Directors

Farahnaz Karim

 Board of Directors

Iffat Salaam Karim

Board of Directors

Today’s interconnected world creates more opportunities to help improve the quality of life of those less fortunate. We support communities close to us, and further afield to build equitable standards of living. Whether supporting access to education, healthcare, economic upliftment or culture, we can help eliminate inequality. Together, we can all contribute to the betterment of mankind.



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Take the next step in your journey to impact future generations of leaders in Arts & Culture, Communities, Environment, Education, Health and International Devlopment. If you’d like to engage with La Fondation Polykar as a partner or organization, feel free to contact us by filling in this form. We will be in touch soon.

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